Bikes, like people, cars, and everything else worth taking care of need regular upkeep to ensure they're running properly and efficiently. We recommend that you pop your head round the door of your local bike shop every three months or so. Not that you'll need anything done, mainly so we can give it a check it over and pick up on any work that may need doing. 

Half Pint - £45

Your regular tune up. We'll service your brakes and gears, and make sure the rest of your bike is checked over and safe. Your tyres will be inflated to the correct pressure and your transmission will be lubed as required. If you need a small part fitted then we'll happily include that too. If more parts need fitting, or there's more work to be done, then we recommend a Full Pint...

Full Pint - £75

A deeper service. We'll do everything from the Half Pint and then remove and clean your transmission, adjust the headset, bottom bracket and hubs, and also true your wheels. This service includes the fitting of a few small parts, but if anything major needs replacing, or we need to do some really thorough work, then probably best to bump up to a Keg...

Keg - £130

The whole shebang. Your trusty steed is fully stripped, cleaned and rebuilt. Includes wheel truing and hub servicing.