Our workshop manager, Monty, is an integral member of our team. He’s the most skilled workshop manager we’ve had to date and an absolute pleasure to work with. 

As a retired racer, his work ethic is second to none. More than anyone, Monty understands the importance of fine tuning adjustments to get the best results. As a true sighthound, we work hard under his ever watchful eye. 

Raised and raced around Romford, Monty’s competition days are long since behind him. Now Monty’s only competition is fighting for space on the sofa. He likes to keep our comfortable sofa warm while hosting our happy customers as they await their bikes. We invite you to tell him what a good boy he is.

When he’s not relaxing on the sofa, Monty can be found in the workshop ensuring our high standards of builds and repair are being maintained. As workshop manager, his responsibilities also include organising lunch breaks, late cakes, and politely offering quality control checks to any passing food. 

During those tough times, Monty’s natural leadership skills really come into their own. With the finesse of any great captain, Monty is able to boost morale and turn difficult jobs into difficult jobs with a friend by your side. 

As if this wasn’t enough, Monty somehow finds the time to establish himself as a fashion icon in the local area. From his Barbour jacket to his star covered turtleneck, Monty manages to stay on trend, elegantly blending fashion with function - he is a local Hackney resident, after all.

‘Mystic Monty’, as he is sometimes known, might wear an anxious brow from time to time, but he lives in hope. Hope that someone might bring him a packet of frankfurters. Maybe a pack of biltong? He’s still refining his soothsaying abilities.  

Monty has a wonderful singing voice; you’d think he was Welsh. He still gets a bit of stage fright but he’s building up his courage to perform. He’s mentioned looking to create some kind of bike-shop quartet - the Hackney Howlers. He’s a soprano - if you know any altos, tenors or basses that might be interested, please do let him know.

Monty takes great pride in regularly receiving the coveted and highly competitive title of ‘Employee of the Month’. Some of the mechanics have tried to suggest the competition is fixed but Monty strongly denies these claims. 

Monty has quite rightly acquired a taste for the finer things in life. He enjoys Colnagos, Sunday morning strolls around Butterfield Green and fresh mince in his bowl. 

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