Half Pint Service - £45

Recommended every 3-6 months

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Full Pint Service - £85

Recommended every 6-12 months

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Full Keg Service - £150

Recommended annually.

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What's included?

  Half  Pint Keg
Frame checked over for cracks and damage
Components checked for wear and safety
All bolts tightened to correct torque
Brakes checked and adjusted
Gears checked and adjusted
Headset checked and adjusted
Tyres inflated to correct pressure
Fitting of minor parts
Mechanic's further recommendations/advice provided after initial assessment 
Frame wiped down
Drivetrain stripped, cleaned and refitted
Hubs checked and adjusted
Spoke tension checked and wheels trued
Fitting of drivetrain parts
Bike stripped down to bare frame and cleaned
All components individually cleaned in parts washer
Custom/replacement parts fitted 
All bearings serviced/replaced
Bike reassembled from frame only with re-application of grease and lubricant 


Additional Jobs

Drivetrain Clean - £35

Tubes and Tyres

Tube/tyre fit - £8

Tube fit, full chain guard - £25

Tube fit, Brompton rear/hub gear/drum brake - £15

Tubeless setup, per tyre - £20

Gears and Drive

Gear adjustment - £15

Gear/brake cable fitting - £15

Gear/brake cable fitting, internal - £20

Chainset replacement - £10

Chain fitting - £5

Chain fitting with full chain guard - £15

Cassette/freewheel fitting - £5


Brake adjustment per brake - £10

Brake bled, 1 brake - £25

Brake bleed, pair - £40


Wheel true - £15

Spoke fitting - £20

Full wheel build - from £35


Hub service, loose bearings - £15

Hub service, sealed bearings - £25

Hub service, Alfine - £40

Frame and Builds

Headset Fitting - £25

Bottom bracket fitting - £20

Frame preparation (tapping and facing) - £20

Boxing bike for transport/shipping - £40

Build fro box (partial assembly) - from £40

Full build from frame - £120

Powder coating (single colour) + frae strip, clean and rebuild - £250

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