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Mercian 531 Reynolds Frame
  SIZING & SPEC Seat Tube (centre to centre) 58cm Weight 2.89kg Tubing Reynolds 531 Rear Spacing 126mm Seatpost Diameter 27.2mm Brake Fixings Nutted Dropouts N/A Bottom Bracket Thread English Headset Thread English Era 1972 Centre to top 59cm Top...
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Hetchins Silver 49cm
The Hackney Peddler A Local Hero Hetchins bicycles used to be built very nearby, just up on Seven Sisters Road. Whilst they've since moved on, their reputation remains as strong as ever. Amongst those in the know - Hetchins are...
Rotrax Grey / Blue 53cm
   The Hackney Peddler A Piece of British Cycling History Founded 1945, in Southhampton by Freddy Prince. The name ‘Rotrax’ was coined by combining the already established Road and Track names. After returning from serving in the RAF, Freddy bought...
Clemenso Black/White 52cm
    The Hackney Peddler During the 1970s and 80s, it was quite common among Dutch and Belgian bike manufacturers to market their products under Italian names. Clemenso was such a brand, born out of Diest in Belgium. But...
Moser Classe Red 56cm
  The Hackney Peddler One of the Greats Francesco Moser is a true great of Italian cycling history. He won the Maglia Rosa in the Giro d’Italia in 1984, stages in both the Tour de France and the Vuelta a...
Orbit Purple Mavic Cosmic 55cm
    The Hackney Peddler Into Orbit… What a stunner. Orbit is a classic British frame manufacturer, originally operating out of Sheffield, the company has moved about a bit in its history. This particular frame is a special one. Made...
Joe Waugh Blue Frameset 58cm
    The Hackney Peddler Heritage Wearing the name of 1982 British Commonwealth games champion Joe Waugh. Handbuilt in one of the oldest cycling shops in the UK. The Hackney Peddler Close To 120 Years Of Passion After taking over M...
THP Orange 58cm Frameset
    The Hackney Peddler Pre-Loved, Freshly Painted Expertly redecorated in collaboration with Aurum Finishing. The Hackney Peddler Ready To Hit The Road A blank canvas of a road frame, just waiting to get out. Great for commuting, touring, or...
Flanders Yellow 55cm Frameset
The Hackney Peddler Flanders Style The gorgeous loud yellow of the frame and the beautiful chrome stays and forks give the Flanders unique charm and character. The Hackney Peddler Super-Light Made of the super-light Super Vitus 983 steel tubing, this Flanders...
Colnago Superissimo Purple/Blue 56cm
  The Hackney Peddler Class Defined Not much has to be said about Colnago, they're one of the most respected names in the bike industry for a reason: their frames ooze quality. Built for speed, this frame is made of...
Dave Marsh 731os Race Frameset 56cm
  The Hackney Peddler 40 Years Of Excellence A Dave Marsh frameset is the perfect foundation for your next custom bicycle. The Hackney Peddler 731os Race Tubing Super strong, super light, professional race grade steel. Built by a master. Great...
Daccordi Multi-Coloured Frameset
  The Hackney Peddler Trust In Fine Italian Craftsmanship This eye-catching frame is a fine example of Daccori's enduring commitment to combining tradition & innovation. The Hackney Peddler Columbus Steel Pioneers in the manufacturing of butted steel tubing, Columbus Steel...
Mercian Fastback Red 531 Frameset 59.5cm
  The Hackney Peddler The Red King Mercian frames (their name taken from the English Kingdom of Mercia) are born in Derby and proudly exported the world over. Anyone with an interest in vintage bikes will know the name Mercian,...
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White Youngs 48cm Frameset
  The Hackney Peddler Youngs & Old A frame builder with pedigree and prestige, Youngs has been a respected name in the field of frame-building for the better part of 70 years. Hailing from South London, this one's a local....
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Gazelle Red White 57cm
  The Hackney Peddler Royalty Royal Dutch Gazelle has been producing quality bicycles for over 125 years in Dieren, Netherlands. They've earned their royal status. The Hackney Peddler A Legacy Piece Traditionally hand-built, lightweight Reynolds 531 steel, enamel finish. What...
Dawes Galaxy 531 Clear Coat Frameset 58cm
The Hackney Peddler Pre-Loved, Freshly Painted This clear coat finish is one of our favourite custom paint jobs from Aurum Finishing. The Hackney Peddler Beautiful Lugs, Quality Craftsmanship Intricate lugs where the frame joins demonstrates attention to detail, skill and...
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Argos Pink & Purple Fade Frameset 52cm
    The Hackney Peddler One Of A Kind The singular purple to pink fade on this Argos frame is truly something special - quality steel with sublime detailing, you'll be turning heads riding the Argos. Such a beautiful frame...
Chesini Yellow 55cm Frameset
The Hackney Peddler An Italian Classic Creating the highest quality racing frames since 1925, every Chesini oozes heritage and history. From this small manufacturer founded in Verona, and crafted with high-grade Columbus steel, this frame is classy and full of...
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Phoenix Orange Frameset 63cm
The Hackney Peddler A Roberts by another name... Phoenix is a moniker used by the great Roberts frame-building family, stemming from their stint at Phoenix cycles in Forest Hill. Frames were sold both under the Phoenix and Roberts names. As...
Colnago Master Red Refurbished Frame 56.5cm
    The Hackney Peddler The Lightest, The Fastest, The Master 'Fast as an arrow' that's how one newspaper described Ernesto Colnago after one of his victories. His bikes take after him. As light as they come & as fast...
Rotrax 531 Reynolds Steel Frame
SIZING & SPEC Seat Tube (centre to centre) 57cm Weight 2.31kg Tubing Reynolds 531 Rear Spacing 120mm Seatpost Diameter 26.8mm Brake Fixings Nutted Dropouts Agrati Bottom Bracket Thread English Headset Thread English ISO Era 1959 Centre to top 58cm Top...
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Bogardi Blue Road Frame
Part of the mystery and intrigue of these frames is that so few have been found. Bogardi itself has disappeared, leaving us to judge them on the quality of their work, rather than the bias of their branding.  Not much...
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Colnago Super Frame
SIZING & SPEC Seat Tube (centre to centre) 51cm Weight 3.05kg Tubing Rear Spacing 130mm Seatpost Diameter 27.2mm Brake Fixings Recessed Dropouts Colnago Bottom Bracket Thread Italian Headset Thread English Era Centre to top 52.5cm Top Tube Length 50cm Wheel...
Rourke Black Track Frame 58cm
The Hackney Peddler A Master Craftsman Brian Rourke is one of the most lauded British frame-builders of the last century, and his frames are universally sought-after. Specialising in the bespoke, Rourke frames are constructed from the finest Reynolds steel tubing,...
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Gilbert Samyn Red Track Frameset 58cm
SIZING & SPEC Seat Tube (centre to centre) 58cm Weight 3.15kg Tubing N/A Rear Spacing 120mm Seatpost Diameter 26.6mm Brake Fixings N/A Dropouts  N/A Bottom Bracket Thread English Headset Thread English  Era Centre to top 60cm Top Tube Length 55cm...
Cougar Purple Track Frame 55cm
  The Hackney Peddler So Fresh and So Clean We've treated this Cougar track frame to a fresh coat of paint, protecting it for many more years to come.   The Hackney Peddler One Track Mind Build for the track and...
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Claude Butler White Frame Track 59cm
The Hackney Peddler The King Of Lightweights Claud Butler, like many of the best frame builders, was himself a successful club cyclist. His move into manufacturing went so well that he went on to establish the Lightweight Manufacures' Association and...
Barale Frejus Red Frame Track 55cm
    The Hackney Peddler Italian Quality Track brilliance, handcrafted in Italy. Home of Campagnolo, Colnago and Columbus - Italy has established a strong reputation in manufacturing for the cycling community around the world. The Hackney Peddler A Handbuilt Frame For...
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A.S. Gillot Red Frame Track 54cm
This frame has Gillott's own fork dropouts and undrilled curved seat stay as well as a centre punch mark between the chainstay sockets, the identifying mark of legendary frame builder Ron Cooper.  The Track Machine 'It can be truly said that this...
Rourke Tour / Audax Blue 57cm
SIZING & SPEC Seat Tube (centre to centre) 57cm Weight 2.89kg Tubing Reynolds 631 Rear Spacing 130mm Seatpost Diameter 27.4mm Brake Fixings Recessed Dropouts N/A Bottom Bracket Thread English Headset Thread A-Head 1' 1/8 Era Centre to top 59cm Top...
Choose a frame only or order your frame with a build kit - single speed/fixed, 8 speed, or with modern Campagnolo or Shimano groups. All bikes are built and tested by our team of expert mechanics before being boxed and shipped.  We offer our finest vintage bicycles online, with our in-store selection starting from £550.
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