Our bikes, like our customers, are all unique.

We carefully handpick a selection of bikes, frames and components from various suppliers across the UK and Europe. All come from an era when industry built with the integrity of longevity; an era when bikes were made properly, made to last. All handcrafted with great skill and attention.

It is from this solid foundation that we build bikes for our customers. We restore classic steel bikes, checking the frames for their structural integrity, and replacing all perishable parts as standard.

After a thorough strip and clean, frames are all double checked. Bent, badly rusted or damaged frames don't make it through the final process. Frames with rust or paint in poor condition are thoroughly inspected. If the damage is purely cosmetic, (mid-range frames are often built this way), the patina is left as a natural deterrent for would-be thieves. High-end frames in this condition are often powder coated/restored by our go-to powder coater.

The process of these restorations is labour intensive and carried out by skilled mechanics. This means that not only do you end up with something very special and truly unique, but it is also reliable and safe. 

As a testament to the diligent process of inspection and restoration carried out by our dedicated team of mechanics, we offer a warranty, a first free service and aftercare that will keep you rolling for many years to come.

The Process

Pick your frame (we have many more in store). We have a selection of build options available to choose from (depending on frame compatibility), they are:

Single Speed (£575 + frame and carriage)

For those that desire simplicity and minimal maintenance. No gears, fixed or single speed, light and nimble handling - perfect for cruising. Let us know if you want flat bar or drop in the notes at checkout.

1x8 speed (£675 + frame and carriage)

For the commuters, the racers, or those that appreciate having a few gears to get up the hills. Flat bars with trigger shifter, single cog at the front.


Drop bar road bike with black/silver latest Gen Shimano or Campagnolo groupsets. Classic frame with modern groupsets - the best of both.


Vintage parts and down tube shifters in keeping with a pre-1987 build. Get in touch for pricing as options vary (NOS and used groupsets available).

There is a subtle distinction between the type of restorations we sell and 'second-hand bikes'. While you would expect a second hand bike to have been serviced and in roadworthy condition, it is not a requirement to fully strip and rebuild each bike as we do with our builds. By doing so we can ensure that no rock is left unturned and that you get a reliable machine to last you the ages.

Once completed the bikes have undergone quite a transformation. The finishing kit is chosen to suit the bike and prospective rider height and measurements. Flat bars are popular, but the shape of bars, stem and seat post length, and saddle width are all subject to change depending on your personal requirements and preferences. Contact us at hello@thehackneypeddler.co.uk with any enquiries.

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