Bicycle Paint & Restoration

Revive the old or craft the new. Exceptional finishes on every material, every time.
From £220 for enamel paint

Bicycle Paint & Restoration

Revive the old or craft the new. Exceptional paint finishes on every material, every time.
From £220 for enamel paint

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    let us know what you're looking for, we are happy to talk through some options

    whether it's paint, frame repair, chrome or a full rebuild

    once you've approved the quote we'll give you an estimate timeline and text you when it's finished

Comprehensive Bicycle Refinishing

From paint to chrome, frame repairs to servicing. Get a free, transparent quote before we begin.

Mastery Over Every Material

Steel, Aluminum, Carbon – our painter's 28 years of expertise ensure flawless finishes, no matter the frame.

Your Vision, Brought to Life

From a vivid imagination or a vague idea, we tailor every project to your unique inspiration.

Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Every job, big or small, comes with our commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

Enamel Paint

Rich, durable finishes that make your bike stand out.

Lug Lining

Detailed accents that highlight the craftsmanship of your frame.

Chrome Plating

Shiny, resilient re-chroming for frames, forks, lugs, and more.

Frame Repairs

From minor tweaks to major transformations, we renew and revitalize.
Weather-resistant coatings for lasting vibrance and protection.


Source or customize – we ensure your bike wears its brand with pride.


"Amazing job you guys! My Nago is incredible to ride and we've became really close friends! Thank you for this amazing job on it :))"


"These guys are awesome! With any problem/question I have had they have always had the time to go through options depending on my budget and time scale. They kindly spent loads (!) of time with me helping me to decide options for my respray of my 1970's Condor which I am so happy with!"



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you colour match?

With enamel paint we are usually able to match any colour given to us.

What's the turnaround time?

The turnaround time will vary significantly depending on what we are doing to your bike/frameset. Here is a list of average turnaround times per job:
Wet/enamel paint - 8 weeks
Powder coating - 2 weeks
Re-chroming - 3 weeks
Frame repair - 6 to 12 weeks
Assembly/disassembly of bicycle - 1 to 2 days

Can I still get a quote if I dont bring my bike into the shop?

Yes! You are welcome to send us some pictures across and we will do our best to provide a quote, although these are a best guess until we see the frame in person.

Can I keep the original components when rebuilding my bike?

We can do our best to restore your original components, although sometimes they are beyond repair. In this case, we have a large collection of classic components to match to yours or we can usually source matching components.

What colours can I choose?

Wet/enamel paint allows more freedom when choosing colour, we can recreate you current colour or create something new. Almost any colour is possible. For powder coat we work specifically from a RAL Classic colour chart, to find out more about powder coating check out our full page HERE.

Can you source decals?

Yes! We can source and fit most decals & in the rare case where decals cannot be found we can custom make them for you.

Can you paint E-Bikes?

We are slowly starting to paint and powder certain E-bikes. If you are interested in having your E-Bike painted then send us a picture of your bike to our email at "" or come in store and chat with us.

What if I just want one colour?

If you're just looking for one colour across the frame and forks then it's usually a cheaper option to look at powder coating. Check out our dedicated page more HERE for more info. We can still add matching decals on in this case.

Pop In Store

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Phone Number - 020 3095 9789
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